Yes we have a Soet Bakery with amazing cake fairies making magic all day long

Yes we do, please contact us for an appointment

Yes please browse our online store and you can customise your gluten free cake

Yeah we love Banting cake! And you can customise it as well!

Yes we do!!! You can order or chocolate sugar free cake or opt for Our banting cake which is sugar free

Yes we love Vegans! We do a Chocolate vegan and a Vanilla vegan cake

Yes we can cover any of our cakes with fondant, please allow a week to book a fondant cake

We have cake ready to buy in store, phone us to find out what’s available 

Yes of course, just attached the picture together with your order. We will try our best to get it exactly the same but please keep in mind we are human.

Unfortunately due to orders made and not collected we have a policy that all orders need to be paid in advance.

Yes we charge slightly less than what Uber or Taxify will cost you.

If its not in our range, sure you can!

Yes we do! Please provide us with a picture of the character you want and we will create a fondant character. Please allow 1 1⁄2 weeks for this.

Sure thing, please make an appointment with out bakers.

Yes we do, please make an appointment with our bakers to discuss the detail.

Yes we do, please make an appointment with our bakers or call us.